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Food and Nutrition: Access to Healthy Food/ Obesity and Overweight
Mental Health: Depression and Anxiety/ Substance Abuse 
Public Safety: Domestic Violence/ Isolated Residents         

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CHNA 15 Announces Availability of Capacity Building Grants

In response to member’s interest in a smaller grant opportunity that could be used for a new idea or specific agency need or interest, the Resource Grant has been changed to a Capacity Building Grant.
Ø     Grants are available to build capacity or to respond to a community health need. The broad definition of capacity building may include development of small projects, marketing, fund raising, consultant support, etc.
Ø     Agencies may be funded up to $1,000 every other year.
Capacity Building Grant Application may be found in the Forms section.


CHNA 15 Professional Development Scholarships Available

CHNA 15 is offering financial assistance for Professional Development.   Scholarships are available for individuals in the twelve CHNA 15 communities to attend trainings/ conferences or take online courses, as well as for agencies to offer training to its staff or the community.

To apply submit the Professional Development Application Form. If funded Scholarship recipients provide a brief presentation at a CHNA 15 general meeting

Training topics should relate to the national Healthy Communities approach which emphasizes enhancement of community health and well-being.
Within Healthy Communities efforts, health is not solely access to healthcare and the absence of disease, but strengthening positive social, mental, physical, economic and environmental conditions. The focus is deliberately broad to encompass the ideals of CHNA 15 as well as the mission of members and agencies.

Scholarships are up to $300 for an individual scholarship and up to $750 for an agency or community scholarship.  Agencies may apply for one agency scholarship and one individual scholarship per calendar year.

Applications are available on the CHNA 15 website or by contacting Jan Hanson, CHNA 15 Coordinator at


CHNA 15 Releases

Community Health Assessment Report

The Northwest Suburban Health Alliance, also known as Community Health Network Area (CHNA) 15, recently held its annual meeting at the Harvey Wheeler Community Center, 1276 Main Street, Concord, MA to showcase the successful programs funded by the group during the past year.  In addition to the Showcase, CHNA 15 held its 2012 Annual Meeting and celebrated the release of its Community Health Assessment Report 2011, a substantial undertaking that began in 2010 to determine the health needs of the 12 communities that comprise CHNA 15.

In releasing the Assessment Report, CHNA 15 is culminating a process designed to inform its future initiatives as well as those of its member organizations.  The assessment was led by an Assessment Advisory Board comprised of volunteer members of CHNA 15.  It included key informant interviews and surveys conducted with community members throughout CHNA 15.  Following a review of existing data, the team focused the assessment on four priority health areas: mental health, public safety, food and nutrition, and community relationships.  The interviews and surveys revealed related concerns, and allowed the group to identify priority areas to guide the work of the CHNA over the coming years.

Jan Stewart, CHNA 15 Chairperson, celebrated the report’s release and the enormous amount of work involved in conducting the assessment.  “We hope that this report will focus more attention on the interrelated nature of many problems in our communities, and that it will foster more collaboration and sustainability through shared initiatives. In addition, having identified health needs in our communities, we will now work to address those needs while aiming to improve the overall health of our member communities.”

Founded in 1992, the Northwest Suburban Health Alliance, which includes the towns of Acton, Bedford, Boxborough, Burlington, Carlisle, Concord, Lexington, Lincoln, Littleton, Wilmington, Winchester and the city of Woburn, works to build healthier communities through community-based prevention, planning and health promotion.  CHNA 15 envisions that each and every community will be a safe and supportive environment that empowers community members to develop self-esteem and personal responsibility to make positive and healthy life choices. CHNA 15. meeting every other month and open to all citizens in the twelve communities, offers networking, trainings, local grants, scholarships and collaborative community and agency opportunities. The next General Meeting will be held September 20 at Minuteman Senior Services in Bedford, MA.

The report is available on this website by clicking on Assessment Report on the Home Page. To learn more about the CHNA and to become involved contact Jan Hanson at


CHNA 15 2012-2013 MiniGrant Awards

Annually CHNA 15 provides MiniGrants of up to $6,000 each for projects serving one or more communities within the CHNA 15 area. Using a Healthy Communities approach that defines physical and social health broadly and emphasizes community collaboration, proposals must be designed to enhance community health and well-being through innovative projects. Within Healthy Communities efforts, health is not merely access to healthcare and the absence of disease, but strengthening positive social, mental, physical, economic and environmental conditions conducive to health and well-being. The focus is deliberately broad to encompass the ideals of CHNA 15 as well as a member’s agency’s mission.

This year’s CHNA 15 MiniGrant recipients are Friends Helping Seniors, Inc. from Woburn Senior Center, Winchester Multicultural Network, Wilmington Public Schools, Domestic Violence Services Network, Concord Children’s Center and Friends of the Playscape at Ripley, Center for Parents and Teachers, the Town of Carlisle Health Department, Communities for Restorative Justice and Acton-Boxborough Coalition for Healthy Youth.

The public is invited to view projects resulting from the MiniGrants when they will be on display at the 2012 CHNA 15 Showcase in May, 2013.


Are you looking at a Conference you would like to attend?

  Is there someone you would like to have train your staff?

                   CHNA 15 2012-2013 Professional Development Scholarships are Available!

The Northwest Suburban Health Alliance, also known as CHNA 15, is offering financial assistance for Professional Development.  CHNA 15 scholarships are available for individuals in the twelve CHNA 15 communities to attend trainings/ conferences or take online courses, as well as for agencies to offer training to their staffs.

To be eligible for a scholarship the applicant must be a CHNA 15 Voting Member. As designated in CHNA 15 Operating Principles a Voting Member, the applicant or another representative from the applicant’s agency, must have attended two CHNA 15 meetings within the past year. If funded in whole or in part through CHNA 15, Scholarship recipients are asked to provide a brief presentation at a CHNA 15 meeting, including copies of relevant training materials and handouts. 

Scholarships are available, first come, first served, and are limited in size to a maximum of $300 for an individual scholarship and $750 for an agency scholarship.  Agencies may apply for one agency scholarship as well as one individual scholarship per calendar year.

The scholarship application may be found in the Forms tab of this website. To apply submit a completed an ecopy of the application to CHNA 15 Coordinator Jan Hanson at



CHNA15 recently held a half-day training session designed to encourage communities to undertake a Healthy Communities Planning Grant process. Healthy City Fall River coordinator David Weed presented the process that Fall River went through in its early stages of planning to develop a comprehensive program over the past eight years. Several CHNA 15 members from the towns of Lincoln and Acton, currently involved in Healthy Communities projects, presented further information on the Planning Grant process in their communities. A Healthy Communities Planning Grant RFR is now available in the "Forms" section of this site. For more information about CHNA 15, contact
coordinator Jan Hanson.



(Top row, right) Anita Scheipers, Assistant Town Administrator for town of Lincoln talks
about the importance of connecting with municipal decision makers in the Planning process. 

(Middle row, left) Jan Stewart, Active Acton Consultant and Outreach Coordinator for Acton-Boxborough Coalition for Healthy Youth, speaks about identifying and engaging community stakeholders in the Planning Grant process as Elizabeth Thibeault, Regional Center for Healthy Communities istens.

(Middle row, right) Dan Pereira, Parks and Recreation Director for the Town of Lincoln shares his thoughts about some of the potential priorities for the town of Lincoln.


CHNA 15 Resource Grants up to $750 Available
CHNA 15 has released the 2011-2012 Resource Grant application. In response to members’ requests applications for Resource Grants will be available throughout the year rather than during a specific time frame as previously scheduled. Up to four grants will be offered from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012.
Grants may be used to develop a resource(s) of benefit to CHNA 15 communities (a town, multiple towns, specific sub-populations or communities of interest in the CHNA 15 sub-region). Examples of previously funded resources include: Social Service Database for South Asian Immigrants, Tips for Healthy Aging, Service Resource Guide for Parents of Young Children, Area Transportation Directory, Long-Term Care Facilities Directory, Elder Housing Options Directory, International Newcomers Guide to Winchester, Celebrating Parenting Calendar, Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders: What to Look For & How To Help, Unique Challenges of a South Asian Domestic Violence Survivor, Wilmington Walks! Walking Guide, Red Flags and Resources – A Guidebook for Spotting Youth Risk Behaviors, Resources for Seniors and their family members in Woburn, and Domestic Violence Victim Handbook.
Applications will be available at the September 22 General Meeting or you may request an application by contacting Jan Hanson, CHNA 15 Coordinator, at