CHNA 15 announces 2015-2016 Mini Grant recipients!

Organization: Brio Integrated Theater
Project: Lights, Camera, Action!
Brio Integrated Theatre is leading the production of “Lights, Camera, Action!” - a year-long series of workshops that will introduce disabled Burlington High School students to filmmaking, idea development, screenwriting, editing, and cinematography. Brio Integrated Theatre organizes a wide range of arts programs that provide comprehensive support to youth and adults with disabilities. These workshops will teach participants critical communication skills, promote long-lasting friendships, and create a supportive, highly-rewarding environment for all program participants.

Organization: Burlington Food Pantry
Project: Community Outreach Project
The project will identify those in Burlington living in need and will inform and guide Burlington Food Pantry in adapting services to maximize our impact helping families.

Organization: Communities for Restorative Justice
Project: C4RJ Lexington Development
C4RJ will expand awareness of and support for restorative justice in Lexington. C4RJ will host events in Lexington to build awareness of restorative justice, and will increase the number of Lexington based donors and volunteers.

Organization: Lexington Youth and Family Services
Project: Sources of Strength: Peer Leaders Preventing Youth Suicide
LY&FS will recruit, train, and support 12-15 youth educators to promote mental wellness and prevent suicide among teens in Lexington.

Organization: Domestic Violence Services Network, Inc.
Project: Expanding the Police Perspective on DV
This project will build greater understanding among police and dispatches about the perspective of victims of dv and the advocates who serve them. Police will develop more appropriate and effective skills in helping victims and their families and have a greater appreciation of the role of advocates and how best to partner with them in serving dv victims.

Organization: First Connections
Project: Post-Partum Support Project
This program will expand outreach and will include education to medical providers and home visits for pregnant women experiencing emotional complications.

Organization: Minuteman Senior Services
Project: Overcoming Clutter: Increasing Our Capacity to Help Individuals with Compulsive Cluttering and Hoarding Disorder
Minuteman Senior Services will offer 2 10-week, evidence based “Buried in Treasure” workshops proven to help people with cluttering behavior gain control of their homes for a healthier safer living space, provide staff training for managing hoarding cases and train 2 staff members to lead the workshop.

Organization: Saheli
Project: Saheli Help Me: Developing a Culturally Specific Written Self-assessment Tool for South Asian Survivors Seeking Help for Depression and Anxiety
Saheli will undertake a pilot project to develop a HIPPA compliant culturally specific, written self-assessment tool that enables survivors, uncomfortable with the thought of discussing their problems with a stranger, to gauge their depression and anxiety. This innovative project will allow Saheli domestic violence advocates to connect survivors with culturally competent clinicians in a more efficient and effective manner, making it possible for them to receive the medical help they need.